Beginner Bobbin Lace with Evelyn Grant. #453-0413.

Handmade lace was the ultimate status symbol of the 16th Century. This beautiful handwork was highly treasured by reigning monarchs and nobles. In 1813, a machine was invented making it possible for lace to be made quickly and cheaply, practically eliminating the livelihood of the Lacemaker. If you have ever admired lace, here's your chance to learn the lost craft of handmade Bobbin lace. Learn how to prepare a pattern, wind bobbins correctly, and set-up a pillow, as well as the basic stitches and correct tension. All the while you will be making a whimsical snake bookmarker from colored threads. Bring small scissors and reading glasses or magnifiers if you have trouble seeing fine details. For beginners 18 years and older.
The instructor will bring pillows, threads and bobbins for students to use during the class. Students can purchase the pillow ($35.00) and 14 bobbins ($28.00) after the class.

Fee = $85 + $8 for materials.


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