Births for October 2013


Tuesday, October 15

Tuesday, October 29

  • Sara Sims and Bobby Patton, a girl.

Tuesday, October 22

  • Tionna Barber and Michael Grems, a boy.

Monday, October 28

  • Kari and William Prevo, a girl.
  • Tierra and Brandon Jaquish, a boy.

Tuesday, October 29

  • Shelby and Anthony Patrie, a boy.

Thursday, October 31

  • Tiffany Gould and Garrison George, a boy.
  • Emily and Sean Zerges, a boy.
  • Katie and Gus Terry, a girl.

Wednesday, October 30

  • Teisha Young and Nathan Henrichs, a boy.
  • Melissa and Bradley Catton, a boy.

Thursday, October 31

  • Annette and Brandon Dashnaw, a girl.
  • Emily Nolan-Colegrove and Kevin Colegrove Jr., a girl.

Thursday, October 10

  • Patricia Giddings and Joshua Elvidge, a boy.

Friday, October 11

  • Shannon Piché –Smith and Jared Smith, a boy.
  • Kayla and Steven Gonyea, a girl.

Saturday, October 12

  • Lisa and Jared Turner, a boy.

Sunday, October 13

  • Erin and Donald Hilborne Jr., a girl.

Monday, October 14

  • Theresa and Leo Geppner, a boy.
  • Mary and Jason Smith, a girl.

Tuesday, October 15

  • Theresa Howard and Scott Martin, a girl.
  • Jennifer and Gregory Teller, a boy.
  • Daisy and Joseph Filion, a girl.
  • Brittney Bishop, a girl.

Wednesday, October 16

  • Ashley and Owen Vaughan, a boy.
  • Erin and George Laundrie, a boy.

Thursday, October 17

  • Kristy and Curtis Gough, twin boys.

Friday, October 18

  • Amber Gebo, a boy.
  • Amy and Byron Matot, a girl.
  • Carrie Nutt and Keith Johnston, a boy.
  • Monica Guerin and Mark McDonald, a boy.
  • Julie and Benjamin Lawrence, a girl.

Sunday, October 20

  • Julie Doner, a boy.

Monday, October 21

  • Alys and Jackson Sunderland, a girl.
  • Christine and Kristopher Landry, a boy.
  • Sarah Collins and Christopher Duncan, a boy and a girl.

Tuesday, October 22

  • Janet and Christopher Dever, a girl.
  • Rebbecca Rock and Robert LaJoy III, a girl.

Wednesday, October 23

  • Nicole Berg and Robert Duquette, a girl.
  • Billie Jo and Jason Cater, a boy.
  • Heather and Quincy Viau, a girl.
  • Krista Morrow and John Brownwood, twin boys.
  • Brittany Cohen and Michael Smith, a boy.

Thursday, October 24

  • Rebecca Lagree and Robert Graves, a girl.
  • Trista Drean and Corey Barcomb, a boy.
  • Tracie and Bernard Hennessey Jr., a girl.

Friday, October 25

  • Nichole and Damien Nevader, a boy.

Saturday, October 26

  • Kristin and Howard Brandon, a boy.

Sunday, October 27

  • Daniela and Constain Kis, a boy.

Monday, October 28

  • Cara and Michael Garrant, a boy.

Wednesday, October 23

  • Shelly and Jary Marshall, a boy.

Tuesday, October 1

  • Roxann Catanzarita and John LaForest, a boy.
  • Taylorr Spear, a boy.
  • Danielle McNeil and Eric Brior, a girl.
  • Kayla Daust, a girl.

Wednesday, October 2

  • Kayla Cook, a girl.

Thursday, October 3

  • Shanna Reiblein and Seth Bombard, a boy.

Wednesday, October 2

  • Deanna Coburn and James Baker, a boy.

Thursday, October 3

  • Lea and Michael Jock, a girl.

Friday, October 4

  • Heather Cole and Jeremy Tilden, a girl.

Saturday, October 5

  • Jessica and James Porter, a boy.

Sunday, October 6

  • Jordan Sunderland and Harry Rascoe, a girl.

Tuesday, October 8

  • Julie and Bryan Nelson, a girl.

Saturday, October 19

  • Jami Belden and Eric Dedrick, Ticonderoga, NY, a girl. Delivered at Porter Medical.

Tuesday, October 8

  • Courtney Smith and David Keil, Ticonderoga, NY, a girl. Delivered at Porter Medical.