Births for November 2013


Saturday, November 16

  • Casey and Jason Ford, a boy.

Saturday, November 30

  • Renee Seguin and Anthony Rochon, New Haven, VT, a girl.

Tuesday, November 26

  • Ben & Louisa Stein, East Middlebury, VT, a boy.

Friday, November 29

  • Shelley Torrey & Timothy Cousino, Addison, VT, a girl.
  • Nathan & Marisa (Bedell) Astin, Wallingford, a girl.

Tuesday, November 12

  • Heather Moffett and Kyle LaBrake, a girl.

Monday, November 11

  • Leslie DesRocher and Seth Forrence, a boy.

Tuesday, November 12

  • Helen Seguin and Allen Ayotte II, a girl.
  • Kaylin and Roy Harper, a girl.

Wednesday, November 13

  • Jacqueline and Francis Dashnaw III, a boy.

Friday, November 15

  • April and Eric Owen, a girl.
  • Britney Buskey and Jason Duso, a boy.

Saturday, November 16

  • Andrea and Robert Roy, a boy.

Monday, November 18

  • Brandy and Bradley Kiroy, a boy.
  • Katie Baker and Frederick Opare-addo, a girl.
  • Elyse Lafountain and Cory Monette, a girl.
  • Rachel Garrant, a girl.
  • Emily Medeiros and Michael Reed, a boy.

Tuesday, November 19

  • Melissa and Michael Esposito, twin boys.
  • Rebecca and Rashad Jackson, a boy.
  • Brittany Crowningshield, a girl.

Wednesday, November 20

  • Brianna Olsen, a girl.

Monday, November 11

  • Nicole Manley and Kristopher Hardy, a boy.
  • Lara Belzile and Larry Smith, a boy.

Monday, November 4

  • Katie Jubert and Timothy Gardner, a boy.

Tuesday, November 5

  • Brooke Pecor, a boy.
  • Heather and Christopher Lewis, a girl.

Wednesday, November 6

  • Nichole and Gustavo Sanchez, a girl.

Thursday, November 7

  • Heather and Richard Hemingway, a boy.
  • Sarah and Eric Munson, a boy.
  • Ellysia and Jereme Blinn, a boy.
  • Joannie and Mark Hart Sr., a boy.

Friday, November 8

  • Morgan Root and Scott Snyder, a girl.
  • Courtney and Lucas Benway, a boy.

Saturday, November 2

  • Krista Nolette and Clifton Blaise, a girl.

Friday, November 1

  • Katrina Foley and Tyler Cushing, a boy.
  • Monica and Patrick Akey, a boy.

Monday, November 4

  • Laura Carter, a boy.

Friday, November 1

  • Jennifer and Nicholas Matott, a boy.

Sunday, November 3

  • Deanna and Danny Trombley Jr., a boy.