Births for December 2013


Wednesday, December 11

  • Mathew and Emily (Piper) Loomis, Poultney, VT, a girl.

Thursday, December 12

  • Christopher Holwager and Mirabai Verner-Lust, a girl.

Saturday, December 14

  • Jacob and Kimberly Trombley, Vergennes, VT, a boy.

Tuesday, December 17

  • Laura Wolfsen and Eric Denice, Bristol, VT, a boy.

Monday, December 23

  • Shawn & Tally (Whittemore) Flanders, Pittsford, VT, a girl.

Tuesday, December 17

  • Ethan and Meaghan McLaughlin, Charlotte, VT, a boy.

Friday, December 20

  • Jane Lindholm and Adrian Hicks, Bristol, VT, a boy.

Tuesday, December 31

  • Lisa and Cole LaPoint, a girl.

Wednesday, December 25

  • Catherine and Peter McCormick, a girl.

Thursday, December 26

  • Maria and Kristofer Gushlaw, a boy.
  • Christian Wagner and Alia Nazeer, a boy.
  • Bridget Gainer and Joshua Pelno, a boy.

Friday, December 27

  • Kelly LaPierre and Benjamin Wilkins, a boy.
  • Hillari Favreau and Brett Kiroy, a girl.
  • Elizabeth and Jody Laforest, a boy.
  • Jessica and Jason Perry, a boy.
  • Melissa Gooley and Eric Russell, a boy.

Monday, December 30

  • Stacey and Kristen Ambler, a girl.
  • Ashley and Brian Meddaugh, a girl.
  • Sarah Buck and Eric Vance, a girl.
  • Emily and Adam Stickle, a boy.

Tuesday, December 31

  • Shelby Rand and Thomas Orr III, a boy.

Friday, December 20

  • Jessica Van Leuvan and Herbert Hanson, a boy.
  • Allison Zerrahn and Aaron Donaldson, a girl.

Sunday, December 22

  • Karley Hunt and John Johnson Jr., a girl.
  • Tiffani and Joseph Light, a girl.
  • Trina and Joshua Cohen, a girl.
  • Starr and Victor Burnham, a girl.
  • Cassandra Walker and Austin Hayes, a girl.

Monday, December 23

  • Elizabeth and Thomas Goslow, a girl.
  • Elizabeth and Barrie Whalen, a girl.

Wednesday, December 25

  • Kristy Curry-Baker and Corey Brown, a girl.
  • Sophia Patterson, a boy.

Friday, December 20

  • Emily and Brian Sypek, twin boys.

Thursday, December 5

  • Megan Dimartino, a girl.

Sunday, December 15

  • Shannon Kiniry and Justin Pierre Louis, a girl.

Monday, December 16

  • Rebekah Lavigne and Keith Lamoy, a boy.
  • Megan and Bruce Warner, a boy.
  • Kristie Sherry-Keating and Casey Keating, a boy.

Tuesday, December 17

  • Brandy and Brian Fitton, a girl.

Wednesday, December 18

  • Nicole French, a boy.
  • Tia Dame and William Gray, a girl.

Thursday, December 19

  • Lindsey and Alexander Jess, a girl.
  • Sharon Stark and Carl Estes, a girl.

Friday, December 20

  • Emily and Brian McGinley Jr., a boy.

Wednesday, December 4

  • Dennis & Whitney Mical, Orwell, VT, a girl.

Wednesday, December 11